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Parson to Person

  • March 19, 2017


    Sermon No. 7: Sexual Purity

    Our topic for this Sunday is "Making Decisions for Sexual Purity" based on 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8. Our speaker in all of the worship services is P. Jem Quesada, our Youth Pastor (part-time). Pastor Jem is also involved in Youth SENTral, the CBAP ministry to the youth of CB churches and Wavemakers Philippines, a ministry of discipleship among young people outside CBAP. Through these ministries, he has done seminars and trainings dealing with sexual purity.

    Youth Ministry Survey

    To improve our Youth Ministry, we are conducting a survey to determine if we need to change the schedule of our weekly youth service. Inside your bulletin is a survey form. Please fill it up if you are a youth or a parent with young children. Please give the survey form to any of our ushers when you're done.


    Kairos Course

    We're about to start another Kairos Course in GCF North on March 25. Kairos is an exciting course on missions. The regular course fee is P1,000 but GCF North members can join at a discounted price of P500. Don't miss this opportunity which comes only once a year! Please register at the lobby today. Don't forget to get one Kairos Profile Sheet (beside the registration form) after you've signed up.


    Graduating Students

    Do you have anyone in your family who is about to graduate from school? It could be your children or perhaps it's you. GCF North would like to recognize this year's graduates. Please take out the Graduating Student Form inserted in your bulletin, fill it up and then hand it over to an usher before you leave.


    Walang Ending...May Forever

    The GCF North Cherish Couples Ministry would like to invite all the couples to a special dinner fellowship on April 8, 6 pm at the Penthouse. More details to follow. See you there!


    Vacation Bible School (BOOT Camp)

    We are inviting all the kids ages 5-15 years old to join us in our special DVBS this coming April 24-29, 2017. This year’s VBS is entitled, BOOT Camp (Biblical Outlook and Outreach Training) Be All God Wants You to Be. Registration fee is P200 only (inclusive of materials, snacks and VBS shirt). Avail of our early bird promo, if you register and pay on or before March 26, you get P50 OFF, after that you will pay the regular registration fee of P200. So hurry and avail of this great promo. Last day of registration is on April 16. Register your kids after the service, just look for our VBS booth at the lobby.

    - Jun Mayor

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  • March 12, 2017


    Sermon #6 Keys to Spiritual Growth

    We continue our sermon series on “Growing as Disciples of Christ” with our 6th sermon entitled, “Keys to Spiritual Growth.” A lot of us probably know of various ways on how we can grow spiritually as disciples of Christ. But today, allow us to take you on a study based on 1 Thessalonians that tells us how we can grow as Paul has exhorted us. Sharing God’s Word in the morning services is Ptr. Boris Joaquin and Ptr. Benjie Miranda at the Tagalog service.


    Youth Ministry Updates (Intencity)

    The Youth ministry is on a new message series entitled, “Biblical Spiritual Disciplines (Jesus Priorities, My Personal Priorities)” where the DPOWER priorities of Jesus Christ such as Dependence on the Holy Spirit, Prayer, Obedience to the Kingdom Agenda, Word, Exalting the Father (true worship) and Relationship building will be emphasized each month. Pray for the youth ministry as they help the next generation to assume their rightful responsibility as bearers of Light in a dark world. Encourage your youth to join the youth gathering every Saturday at 4:30pm.


    Save the Date- March 26!

    We (the Exalting Ministry) will be conducting a Presiders Training and Orientation on March 26 after the second service. This is open to all current and potential presiders, prayer leaders and even Scripture readers. We are encouraging new members and those who are looking for a venue to serve the Lord to consider this ministry. Please sign-up at the lobby to be enlisted in this special training.


    Fire Drill on April 2

    Due to the rising incidents of fire and other man-made incidents and to prepare us for any natural calamities like earthquake, as the PAGASA has warned us, we are conducting a Fire Drill on April 2. Our ushers and worship team members who will serve as our “Fire Marshalls” will assist us during this activity. While the Sunday school classes at the basement will be guided by their Sunday school teachers in this exercise.


    Couples Event

    To all our couples here at GCFNorth, please save the date! April 8, 6:30pm, “Walang Ending -- May Forever!” More details to follow.

    - Jeffrey Atanacio

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  • March 5, 2017


    Sermon #5 Developing a Godly Heart for People

    Today we are on our fifth installment in our series Growing as Disciples of Christ. How do we make people feel important? This message will help us to do the things that show we value the people in our church family. That includes our Growth Group members and attendees. We can apply the lessons here in our other interpersonal relationships as well - at home, in the office and at school. I will be sharing the message in the morning services, Bro. Renz Mansujeto at the Tagalog service and Pastor Arnel at GCF Montalban.


    Kairos Course

    GCF North will be conducting another Kairos Course from March 25 to April 29, 2017. The Kairos Course will be held every Saturday (except on Black Saturday) at GCF North from 8:00am - 5:00pm. The regular course fee is P1,000 but if the participant is officially a GCF North (or GCF Montalban) member, the fee will be P500 only. Interested participants may register at the church lobby.


    How to Conduct a Bible Study

    Part of our 4G Thrust this year is to groom new leaders. In line with this, we would like to invite Assistant GG Leaders, prospective GG Leaders, new DG leaders (Youth), new church leaders and other interested members to join us this March 18, Saturday morning, for a Bible Study training and workshop. Please sign up at the lobby.


    Easter Presentation

    The members of the GCF North Chancel Choir are regularly rehearsing for their Easter Cantata. Slated for April 16, it is going to be an evangelistic presentation. This early, pray for your loved ones and friends whom you can invite.


    Save the Date- March 26!

    The Exalting Ministry will conduct a Presiders Training and Orientation on March 26 after the second service. We are encouraging new members and those who are looking for a venue to serve the Lord, consider this ministry. If you don’t have stage fright and can face people, if you have the gift of exhortation, sign up!

    - Benjie Miranda
    Senior Pastor

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  • February 26, 2017

    Sermon No. 4: Steps in Spiritual Reproduction

    The Great Commission commands us to make disciples. Discipleship entails the reproduction of ourselves. The things that we have learned from our own disciplers, we must pass on to others, so that they in turn will teach others also (see 2 Timothy 2:2). This is God's design for spiritual multiplication. What must we do in order to achieve spiritual reproduction? P. Benjie Miranda will address this subject as he speaks in our English services today. His message is entitled "Knowing the Steps in Spiritual Reproduction," based on 1 Thessalonians 2:6-12.  P. Jem Quesada will preach on the same topic in our Tagalog worship service.


    New Guidelines for Check Issuers

    If you give your tithes and offerings through checks, please be advised that the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Philippine Clearing House Corporation (PCHC) have issued new guidelines for the faster clearing of checks. Non-compliance will result to your check being rejected by the bank. Please take note of the following: do not fold, crumple or staple the check; use pens with dark-colored ink (blue or black) to write with; do not use pencil, pens with gel ink or erasable ink to fill out required information; ensure that all required information are clearly and completely indicated on the check and that there are no alterations or erasures (countersignatures are no longer allowed). Also, checks with the old design (i.e., without waiver statement) will be accepted for clearing until June 30, 2017 only. For more information about the new guidelines, please visit the PCHC website at www.pchc.com.ph or you may inquire from your local bank.


    Bible Study Leaders Training

    We will be offering another training for potential Bible study leaders on March 18, 2017, Saturday, from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. Our target participants are those who have not yet taken the previous trainings. We are looking for new people who will commit to leading and facilitating in new Growth Groups. If you are being led by the Lord to start a new group or to learn how to facilitate Bible studies in your existing Growth Group, we invite you to sign up at the lobby

    - Jun Mayor

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  • February 19, 2017

    Measuring Our Motives

    Motive is defined as a reason for doing something, especially one that is hidden or not obvious. Is there a right or wrong motive for serving God in the ministry? Our passage for today will reveal that there are indeed right and wrong reasons for doing ministry. Let us allow God to expose the true intentions of our hearts and may we serve God with the right motives that beget right results. Join us as our very own Rev. Jun Mayor as he speaks on the subject based on 1 Thessalonians 2:1-6 on all our services this morning and afternoon.


    Joint Council and Elders Meeting

    Attention pastors, elders, deacons, ministry coordinators! The 1st Quarter Joint Council Meeting is set for February 25 at 9 am. Please clear your calendar for this important meeting. Items for discussion include the designated funds and the Building Committee composition. Following the Joint Council meeting the Elders will have their monthly meeting.


    Care Ministry Meeting and Training

    Attention, SHALOM Counselors! We will have our first training session this year on March 4 at 9 am. Our speaker is Pastor Boyet Bautista. The counselors and visitation team members composing the Care Ministry will also meet after the training for important ministry concerns.


    Youth Ministry

    We have just concluded our workshop entitled NO APOLOGIES a character based abstinence program to help our youth in pursuing “purity” and being wise in deciding and planning for their future. We have an attendance of 20 Young People dedicated their lives of no regrets! Praying that it can be done again next year! Thanks for those who have prayed for this event.


    Children’s Ministry

    AWANA will resume on March 4, 2017, Saturday at 9am @ our Penthouse. Do not forget to sign up at the lobby.

    - Jem Quesada
    Youth Pastor

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  • February 12, 2017

    “Growing As Disciples of Christ” Campaign

    We continue our campaign and sermon series on “Growing As Disciples of Christ” based on 1 Thessalonians with a sermon entitled, Learning The Foundational Aspects of Faith.” This is part of a sermon series which will run from February to April, and is geared towards helping us grow as a follower of Jesus Christ. Sharing God’s Word here at GCF North is none other than our senior pastor, the Rev. Benjie Miranda Jr. and the Rev. Arnel Aristoteles speaking at GCF Montalban and our Tagalog service in the afternoon. God bless us all!


    No Apologies Seminar

    The Youth Ministry of GCF North is making its final invitation to all the young people and to parents of teenagers as well, to attend the seminar “No Apologies” on Saturday, February 18 from 9am to 5 pm. This is a character-based seminar which will focus on the truth about life, love and sex. There is a fee of Php 250 to cover the cost of the materials and food. If interested, please sign up at the lobby for the head count.


    CHERISH Couples Ministry

    The GCF North Couples Ministry, CHERISH (Christian Homebuilders Encountering the Redeemer and Involved in Sharing Him) will be leading the services today, Valentines Sunday. The new core will be introduced in the services. Elder Joel and Alou Beringuela passed the baton to Dr. Mark and Sara Reysio-Cruz who will be spearheading this ministry. The other members of the core include- Benedict and Kaye Yara, Ed and Gail Pelaez, Drs. Ronald and Gigi Cruz, Drs. Art and Goldie Ferolino and Drs. Lean and Cecile Sacro.  Let us uphold them in prayer.


    Flower Offering for 2017

    Make your pledges for our 2017 flower offering. If you or any of your loved ones are celebrating their birthday, wedding anniversary, or you may simply want to sponsor our flower offering, just sign-up at the lobby for your preferred date. Minimum pledge for our flower offering is P500. For more details, you can call our office at 9522052 and look for Sis. Hiddie Galit.

    - Jeffrey Atanacio

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  • February 5, 2017

    Growing As Disciples of Christ Campaign

    Today we launch our first campaign for this year in line with our theme of “One for All and All for One.” At the pulpit at GCF North and GCF Montalban we begin the sermon series “Growing As Disciples of Christ” based on 1 Thessalonians.  This will run from February to April. Concomitant to the sermons would be the small group Bible study lessons for use in the Growth Groups. We will be using Purpose Driven Ministry’s A Spiritual Roadmap in A Mixed Up World also based on 1 Thessalonians. Not to worry! The pastors prepared the sermons independently of the Bible study lessons so that there will be no redundancy although there will be similarities. I will be sharing the Word at our morning services while Pastor Jeff Atanacio will be preaching at GCF Montalban and our Tagalog service.


    Special Membership Class Schedule

    Please take note of our special membership class schedule- it’s this coming Saturday, February 11 at 9 am. Please bring a 2x2 color photo and proceed to the Juniors room at the Lower Level.


    No Apologies Seminar

    The Youth Ministry of GCF North is inviting all the youth as well as parents of teens to attend the seminar No Apologies on February 18 from 9am to 5 pm. There is a fee of Php 250 to cover the cost of the materials and food. Please sign up for the head count.


    CHERISH Couples Ministry

    Those invited to the Couples’ Core meeting will be having fellowship, turnover rites and an announcement of the new core for this year 2017-2018. Please proceed to the Juniors room after the second service.  Next Sunday, the couples will be leading the services and there will be a special rite for all the married couples present. The new core will also be presented. Please invite your couple friends!


    Meet the new GLOW SALT

    No, this is not a new brand of table salt! The GLOW Ladies Ministry’s core team is named S.A.L.T. or Servant And Leadership Team. The following ladies compose the GLOW S.A.L.T. – Annie Guanlao (Coordinator), Ruth Chicombing (Assistant Coordinator), Rose Jarin, Pilar Macadangdang, Susan Mayor, Helen Guerra and Nemia Ocampo. The new core members are Glenda Ansale, Joyce Mendoza, Pat Naguit and Karen Ong. Advisers include Vanj Madamba, Mildred Rosete, Pearl Rombo, Elsa Manasala and Mimi Miranda.

    - Benjie Miranda
    Senior Pastor

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  • Welcome to GCF North! Feel free to browse through our website and get to know us- our statement of faith (what we believe), our history and our various ministries that cater to families, couples, men, women, children, singles and youths.

    We'd love hear from you so please leave a comment or even a prayer request. Better still, we'd love to meet you in person. Check our worship service schedule that is convenient for you and worship with us with your whole family one Sunday.

    We look forward to your future visits here at our website or at our worship services at GCF North.

    God bless you!

    Ptr. Benjie Miranda
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