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Parson to Person

  • October 16, 2016

    Welcome Dr. Rommel Yazon! 

    To share the Word today in all our worship services here at GCF North is our founding pastor, Dr. Rommel Yazon. Pastor Rommel led the groundwork in launching GCF North and was its first Resident Pastor. His son, Teddy, was one of the toddlers running around Celebrity Sports Plaza, where GCF North began. GCF North was born in December of 2000.  Pastor Rommel will be speaking on a message entitled “Call the Nations to Worship Him!" based on Psalm 67.


    Card of Thanks

    On behalf of the GCF North pastors, I would like to thank the GCF North Family for the recognition, gifts, prayers and well-wishes during last Sunday’s Pastors’ Appreciation Sunday. Kudos to the Pastoral Encouragement Team, led by Dr. Mark and Sara Reysio-Cruz, who staged the appreciation rite. We are greatly encouraged! God bless you all!


    Attention Singles! Are you out of tune spiritually? 

    Then this retreat is for you! The GCF North Singles Ministry will be holding a retreat dubbed iTune - Tune Our Heart To His Beat. It is slated for November 1-2 at Shercon Resort, Mataas na Kahoy, Lipa City, Batangas. The registration fee is PhP 2,000 excluding transportation. Invite your friends to join!


    November is Ministry Fair Month

    Are you a new member of GCF North? Have you been attending for several months already and thinking of what ministry to join?  Next month is our Ministry Fair where the main E ministries will be showcasing the different opportunities for service that you may want to consider. Take note of the schedule:

    November 6  Exalting Ministry (Worship)

    13 Evangelizing Ministry (Evangelism, Follow-up and Membership)

    20 Edifying Ministry (Fellowship and Care Ministries)

    27 Equipping Ministry (Children, Youth, Growth Groups and Adult Equipping)


    Mass Christian Wedding in June 2017 

    For couples who were married in a civil rite, or in a non-evangelical Christian rite, or even couples who would like to get married but are having second thoughts because of the expense involved,  we are inviting you to experience a Christian wedding (complete with a reception) here at GCF North. It will be a mass wedding but the cost would definitely be very low! If you are interested, please sign up at the lobby.

    - Benjie Miranda Jr.
    Senior Pastor

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  • October 9, 2016

    Sola Scriptura and the Great Commission

    The term Sola Scriptura is a latin word meaning “By Scripture Alone”. It talks about the final authority of the Bible over one’s life, culture and practice. The Scripture is God’s power to change a person and only the Scripture contains the gospel message of God through his Son the Lord Jesus Christ.


    What is the relationship of the Sola Scriptura to the great commission? Over many years ago, there are lots of missionaries going abroad trying to assimilate to the culture of the country. Sadly, they ended up compromising their faith and practice to the country’s own context. There are some who misused the Word and squeezed it just to fit into the culture and context of the society. When Jesus Christ commissioned them (Apostles) to go and make disciples to all the nations, Jesus wasn’t telling them to change the gospel and make it pleasing to the unbelievers, instead, He wants them to preach the Gospel boldly that people might be saved. The Bible which is the final authority of one’s life is not under any culture and practice, but the Bible is on top of it and thus shape it according to God’s own standard.


    The Sola Scriptura and the Great Commission cannot be separated. Those two are inseparable. If you want to go and make disciples, you have to live by Scripture alone and preach by Scripture alone. On the other hand, if you say that you are a Bible-believing Christian then you must obey what your Bible is saying and that includes the Great Commission.


    AWANA Kick-Off

    I praise the Lord for the successful AWANA Kick-off yesterday. It was attended by almost 50 kids and 21 volunteers. The kick-off was filled with fun and learning as they were taught Taekwando by Miss Jihan Jose, and God’s word by yours truly. I am truly grateful for the volunteers who came and helped. May the Lord bless them continually and I praise the Lord for everything that has transpired yesterday!


    We’re still looking for volunteers of AWANA every Saturday from 9:30am to 12:00nn. If you want to be part of this wonderful ministry, you may approach or contact Ms. Susan Mayor or Ms. Ayeeh De Jesus. Thank you!


    Montalban Ministry Update

    Just recently, we have launched a daughter church in Rodriguez, Rizal, “GCF Montalban.”  It was birthed through our missions initiative to expand God's kingdom in North Metro manila and beyond. As we continue with our Missions Month celebration, we will be hearing a ministry report from GCF Montalban's Resident Pastor, Rev. Arnel Aristoteles. He will also be speaking in all our worship services today.

    - Kent Santosidad
    Kids Ministry Pastor

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  • September 25, 2016

    The Christian's Response to EJK

    There's been much talk these days about extrajudicial killings due to the recent spate of unabated killings of suspected drug pushers and users. This issue has divided many people with some vigorously opposing, some tacitly approving, and others who seem unconcerned. As Christians, what should our position be on this issue? When is it lawful to kill? When is it unlawful to kill? Is extrajudicial killing wrong? These questions will be answered as our Senior Pastor, P. Benjie Miranda, delivers the Word of God in all our worship services today.


    Business Meeting Report

    Here is the result of the congregation's voting on the motion to approve in principle the GCF North Building Project: Yes - 107; No - 4; Abstain - 3; Stray ballots - 4. We counted about 140 who attended the business meeting held last Sunday.


    Missions Month in October

    Missions Month is just around the corner. In October, we will be hearing messages from people who are our partners in missions. The list includes Dr. Ronald Macam, our CBAP Missions Director; Dr. Rommel Yazon, founding pastor of GCF North and now teaching professor at CBS Asia; and Rev. Arnel Aristoteles, Resident Pastor of GCF Montalban, who will give us a special ministry report on our newly launched church in the province of Rizal.


    Sunday School Rooms Dedication Service

    We will be having a dedication service and classroom blessing of our newly renovated Sunday School rooms at 10:30am - 11:00am today. Please join us at the lower level if you're available.

    - Jun Mayor

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  • September 18, 2016

    Extra! Extra! Sermon Series

    We start on a new sermon series today and next Sunday on two topics that will make us think and reflect on how we ought to act and respond as followers of Christ in this world. Today, Ptr. Benjie will talk about “Going the Extra Mile” based on Matthew 5:41. It is everyone’s goal to be able to please God wherever God places us and in various situations. Are we willing to go the extra mile just to be able to follow His will in our lives?


    In the afternoon, Ptr. Jem Quesada will be teaching about “Stewardship” based on Psalm 24:1. “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.”  How do we properly steward God’s creation and everything that He has given us? May we respond accordingly based on God’s Word. Have a blessed Sunday!


    Church Business Meeting

    We are encouraging all members of GCFNorth ages 18 years old and above, to come and attend our church business meeting today, right after the 11am service. We will promptly start at 12:30pm and hopefully end around 1:45pm. The feasibility study and initial plan regarding the building of our future Worship Center will be presented and discussed. Afterwards, we will be voting whether to push through with the project or not. Your presence is highly appreciated. Light snacks and drinks will be served during the meeting. See you there!


    AWANA Club Kick-Off

    Watch out for the kick-off of the AWANA Clubs here at GCFNorth. This will be held on October 8, Saturday, from 9:30-12noon. This discipleship program for kids ages 5-15 primarily aims to mold the character of our youngsters through Bible lessons, songs, dances and games. As an added bonus, we will be featuring Taekwondo lessons from a black belter and invited coaches and volunteers. Don’t miss this opportunity! You can now register your child/children at the lobby or call our office at 9522052.


    GLOW Fellowship

    The GLOW ladies of GCFNorth is inviting you to an interactive lecture and cooking demo on “Eat’s Safe, Clean and Healthy!” This will be held this Saturday, September 24, from 10:30am-12:30pm here at the Penthouse Worship Hall. They will be featuring the culinary nutrition team of Ajinomoto. Join them for a delicious experience!

    - Jeffrey Atanacio

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  • September 11, 2016

    Happy Grandparents Day!

    We greet our lolos and lolas in our midst and thank each one of them for their lives and influence in our families, communities and the church! We will be giving tokens to each of them as a sign of our gratitude and appreciation.


    Welcome Pastor Ed Banzuelo and Bro. Vic Atanacio

    To give the Grandparents Day messages today, we have seasoned ministry workers and doting grandfathers. At the pulpit this morning is the Rev. Dr. Edilberto Banzuelo, President Emeritus of FEBIAS College of Bible. In the afternoon service, we have Bro. Vic Atanacio of the Seamen Christian Friend Society (SCFS) Philippines.


    Extra! Extra!

    For the next two Sundays, we will be discussing two topics that will encourage us to think and act accordingly as followers of the Lord Jesus in this world. The mini-series covers the following: On September 18 in the morning services- Going the Extra Mile. On September 25- The Christian’s Response to EJK. Invite your family and friends!


    Invitation to a Book Launching

    Pastor Boris Joaquin is inviting us to the launching of his book Practical Wisdom to be Happy at Work.  This will be on September 17 at the SMX Convention Center.  There are free tickets to the first 24 persons who will sign up and register at the lobby today. Incidentally, the 37th Manila International Bookfair is on September 14-18 at the same venue. See you there!


    Dreaming of going to the Holy Land?

    This early, we are promoting this once in a lifetime event- the Holy Land Tour 2017. This is slated for April 18-30. Do pray about this and start saving up. The tour package costs $US 3,472. For more information, please see posters and brochures at the lobby.

    - Benjie Miranda
    Senior Pastor

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  • September 4, 2016

    Church Leaders Nominations start today

    Today until the last Sunday of September, nominations for church elders and deacons will be received. GCF North members (at least 2 years) and mature Christian. A nominee for Elder should be a male, leading a Growth Group or has a teaching ministry. Candidates for deacons can be male or female.


    It’s more Fun in Sunday school!

    The Sunday School Teacher’s Retreat was successfully held last August 30, 2016 at the Louisse Private Resort in Taytay Rizal. Almost 30 teachers from GCF North and Montalban came to be part of the annual retreat. Indeed, God gave us the time to experience the fun, the fellowship and to make and know our friends more. I praise the Lord for this tremendous opportunity to be with the dedicated teachers and servants of the Lord. Truly, it’s more fun in Sunday School.


    GG Leaders Workshop

    We will be reinforcing our most recent Growth Group Leaders training by conducting a workshop on how to readily and competently prepare Bible study materials. This will take place on September 17, 2016, Saturday, from 8:00am - 12:00noon at the Multipurpose Hall Basement. This is open not just to those who took the GG Leaders Training last July 23 but also to others who are currently leading Bible studies in various groups. Kindly register at the church lobby.


    World meets WORD

    For IntenCity New Series: The world is a noisy place. Honking cars caught in traffic, jeepneys unapologetically playing songs on full blast, you name it. And then there are other other noises that seem to rise above it all. It's the voice that tells you that the world is where satisfaction, love and joy are. It beckons, lures and promises. For a while, you give in, only to see that you've been led to a dead end with nothing more than empty promises. But there is another Voice who speaks of timeless truths in the midst of the chaos of the world. And if we pay attention, we will hear His message loud and clear: The world may give us temporary happiness, but only God can give us true, lasting joy. Join us every Saturday starting this September as we learn about what the Word of God has to say about the most pressing issues facing our youth today.

    - Kent Santosidad
    Kids Ministry Pastor

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